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Mushrooming without Fear

People love mushrooms. They want to pick them and eat them. but when they get home and try to check them, the fears crowd in. The reference books are vague. Too many dangerous look-alikes. Is the colour in that photograph exaggerated? A field mushroom suddenly seems worryingly like a Destroying Angel....the mushrooms are all discarded.

Here is a mushrooming guide with a totally new, positive approach. Forget all the other 500 species. You only need to know these twelve. And you need to know them fully, without a shadow of a doubt.

Alex Schwab's mushrooming rules are few but they are fixed rules. His key identification points leave no room for uncertainty. And he promises you these mushrooms will all taste delicious.

Mushrooming without fear for the first time.

Author: Alexander Schwab
Photographer: Alexander Schwab
ISBN: 978 1 873674 88 8
Published: September 2006
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 128
183 colour photographs
4 colour illustrations
Price: £14.99

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Mushrooming without Fear


Press reviews

Reviewed by Boyd Tonkin of The Independent in September 2006

'Could this be the most useful book of the decade?'


Reviewed by Tom Fort of The Times in September 2006

'In Mushrooming Without Fear, Alex has adopted a different method. Do yourself a favour: get some knowledge and get out among the trees. Now is the time.'


Reviewed by Brian Viner of The Independent in September 2006

'Alex makes musrooming fun... As I understood it, not all musrooms with gills are deadly, but all deadly mushrooms have gills. So, the first rule for a mushroom forager is to be able to identify gills...'


Reviewed by Ray Collier of Highland News in September 2006

'An annual cycle chart indicates which month is best for the various species and there are photographs of trees and the mushrooms associated with them.'


Reviewed in The Shropshire Star in September 2006

'This is an intriguing and thought-provoking book. Apart from identifying safe mushrooms, the book includes sections on how to handle.'


Reviewed by Robert Uloth of Country Life in October 2006

'I let out a yelp of joy when I spotted Alexander Schwab's latest book Mushrooming Without Fear. In good teutonic fashion, he has developed a series of rules, which if adhered to, will guarantee worry-free mushrooming.'


Reviewed in The Field in October 2006

'This book promises to dispel every fungi forager's fears about picking a deadly species.'


Reviewed in The Countryman in August 2012

'Alexander Schwab has the solution... His key identification points leave no room for uncertainty.'


Reviewed by Rob Fletcher of Scottish Field in October 2006

'This book allows the reader to positively identify those that are fit for the frying pan, sparing much confusion, uncertainty and fear in the process.'

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