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Flyfishing for Coarse Fish

There has long been a divide between flyfishing and coarse fishing – but there is no reason for it! Over 3 million people in Britain fish one way or the other – and there is growing interest in combining these two major areas of the sport.

*  Existing flyfishers looking for a fresh challenge are already exploring
    the fun and fresh possibilities of new species.
*  Coarse anglers are discovering the advantages of catching their
    favourite species in this exciting and intimate way.

The reasons are simple enough: virtually any fish will take a fly, you can see it ‘as it happens’ and the fight of a fish on a flyrod is nothing short of sensational.

This book shows you how to flyfish for each different species: the techniques, the flies, the tackle.

Flyfishing for Coarse Fish will appeal to:

*  fly and coarse fishers wanting to try something new.
*  those wanting to introduce coarse fishing youngsters to the art
    of flyfishing, at a fraction of the cost.
*  those living in areas where flyfishing would not other wise be
    available, or at such an affordable price.

Author: Dominic Garnett
ISBN: 978 1906122 38 6
Published: May 2012
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 224
300 colour photographs
Price: £20.00

Flyfishing for Coarse Fish by Dominic Garnett

Press reviews

Reviewed in The Scottish Sun in April 2012

'It must be the most original, fascinating and eye-opening angling book I've read in years.'

Reviewed in Angling Times in May 2012

'Dom Garnett proves that flyfishing isn't just for toffs.'

Reviewed in Pike and Predators in May 2012

'This evocative book has been very well put together. It will appeal to both fly and coarse anglers wanting to try something new. Stunning photographs, great value.'

Reviewed in Waterlog Online in May 2012

'This writing is fun and informative and the author conveys a strong sense of a voyage of discovery - so strong in fact that it is almost impossible to read more than a few pages without wanting to go out and have a crack oneself.'

Reviewed in Angling Trust in May 2012

'Wrenching attention to a new angling experience.'

Reviewed in Coarse Angling Times in June 2012

'Stunning photography and a wealth of handy advice.'

Reviewed in Carp-Talk in June 2012

'I would go as far as to say this is the only comprehensive guide to flyfishing any angler would ever need.'

Reviewed in Trout Fisherman in July 2012

'A highly readable piece of work that, even now I've read it, I keep dipping into. Packed with rich, vibrant images.'

Reviewed in Flyfisher's Republic in July 2012

'It is very refreshing to find someone capable of instructing us about the fun of fishing, which is why most of us came to this sport in the first place!'

Reviewed in FISH in October 2012

'Garret has filled this book with a wealth of knowledge, a great deal of enthusiasm and a liberal sprinkling of wit. All in all it’s a winning combination.'

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