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Mushrooming with Confidence

So many mushrooms, so much room for confusion!

But there are fewer than 30 really delicious, commonly-found UK mushrooms to be had, so Swiss author Alex Schwab thought it was about time that the nation got to know how to identify all its important ones, without any doubt creeping in.

From the common field mushroom (which requires care in identification) to the pretty purple amethyst deceiver or prolific and delicious charcoal burner: Alex puts the spotlight on safe identification.

Only when the reader of this book has TICKED all the boxes on Alex’s ‘Positive ID Checklist’ which ends each mushroom entry, should the forager cook their harvest with confidence!

Not an exhaustive reference book, but one that puts all the focus on a method of safe and positive identification of our best edible mushrooms. There’s not a poisonous mushroom in this book!

Author: Alexander Schwab
ISBN: 978 1 906122 36 2
Published: September 2011
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 192
300 colour photographs
Price: £16.99

Mushrooming with Confidence


Press reviews

Reviewed in Teme Valley Times in January 2012

'Nicely designed, nicely illustrated and nicely printed, it'd grace any mushroom-lover's bookshelf.'


Reviewed in Evergreen Magazine in March 2012

'Alex Schwab provides guaranteed ways of not confusing it with what can be sometimes very dangerous, and indeed deadly, species.'


Reviewed in Highland News in August 2011

'This book goes a long way to dispel such fears. The How to use this Guide section was an innovation. It all makes good sense.'

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