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The Otter

Back from the brink of extinction, the otter is making a come-back in Britain today. Author James Williams, a life-long enthusiast of this fascinating, enigmatic creature, dispells some of the mysteries in this beautifully-illustrated book:

  • Reasons for the near-disappearance of the otter in the 1980s and the reasons for its recovery today
  • Why otters patrol their territories and fight for them
  • Breeding, natural history and behaviour
  • Unusual otter information: blind otters, the work of otter groups, the difficulties of introducing otters in the wild, their surprising ability to live close to man
  • Otters as predators – their impact on fish stocks, the difficulty of fish-hunting in cold water, their favourite foods
  • Tracking otters through their prints, and through their spraints
  • Helping the otter to survive in the 21st century

Author: James Williams
ISBN: 978 1 906122 22 5
Published: September 2010
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 224
137 colour photographs
Price: £20.00

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The Otter


Press reviews

Reviewed in BBC Countryfile in October 2011

'An entertaining and delightful read. This monograph by a lifelong otter expert is a pleasure and would make a warm and informative read for any countryside and wildlife lover.'


Reviewed in Sherkin Comment in October 2011

'It is intriguing to learn the life of the otter, about holts and spraints, new-born cubs, night fishing and its diet. The author's lifetime work with otters is intertwined with beautiful personal experiences.'


Reviewed in International Otter Specialist in October 2011

'James Williams, a life-long enthusiast of this fascinating, enigmatic creature, dispels some of the mysteries in this beautifully illustrated book.'


Reviewed in Highland News Group in November 2010

'One of the best accounts I have read in recent years. Well written, easy to read and very informative...This is a must have on any bookshelf of any naturalist.'


Reviewed in This England in December 2010

'A work that never fails to absorb.'


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